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Selasa, 22 November 2005

Have you read this poetry book?

Poem Collection was published

The Satu Kosong Delapan group co-operated with the Alas Koran Community (KONAK) Denpasar held the launching of the book “Semisal; a collection sajak” the Giri Ratomo work.

"This agenda will be carried out on Sunday (27/11/2005) began to strike 19,30 wita."

Took place in parked indoor the Universitas Udayana School Of Literature, The Nias island 13 street Denpasar, was like this the Group's Satu Kosong Delapan press release, on Monday (21/11/2005).

Mentioned, apart from the launching of the book, this agenda will also be filled with discussions, poetry reading, as well as the musical stage from the Denpasar artists.

Further from this agenda it was hoped became space te you between the artist in Denpasar to change mutual thoughts.

The interesting matter, uptil now Giri Ratomo by the artist's Balinese circle more was known as the instigator of the theatre; the actor, the writer of the script, as well as the director.

At first the winner of the appreciation of the Best Supporting Actor in the Festival Teater Mahasiswa Nasional (Festamasio) 2002 in Samarinda this had not published his work to any mass media.

This certainly became a special question mark.

“Semisal you wondered, better be read by you Semisal,” answered Giri Ratomo that also the former chairman of the Infant's Theatre the University of Udayana Bali when responding to the question about like him.

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